Electronic Hospital Book

Medical records hosted online. With this product, doctors and nurses can easily diagnose patients.

Medical Records Going Digital

No more physical paper records. Ever.


Accurate medical record keeping is very important in medical care. A patient’s medical history plays a vital role in diagnosing and managing illnesses. Most hospitals and doctors in Africa do not keep medical records of individual patients but have resorted to documenting patients’ medical history on pieces of papers or notepad and given to the patient manage. Most patients show up on doctor’s visits reporting missing paper-based medical records and are expected to recall and recount their medical history including previous diagnoses, prescriptions, treatments etc. This is always an exercise in futility. The electronic Hospital book is here to provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete information about patients at point of care.

Build your medical history bank for easier diagnosis.

Despite all the technology available today, medical history is still the mainstay of diagnosis. A thorough social, environmental, hereditary, and behavioral health history can be just as informative as physical examination and clinical analysis in the diagnosis of diseases. Medical history includes both personal health history and family health history. With the use of Electronic hospital book, you will gradually and progressively build this great resource.

Family members can have access to medical history.

Although medical records remain private information of the patient, there are some instances when it can be helpful for family members to have access to medical records. Sharing your medical records with a spouse, a parent, a trusted friend or an adult child can ensure that you are receiving the proper care in case of an emergency. Through the eHospital book, the patient has the ability the grant or deny family members access to medical records.

Access permission control accross all boards.

The patient has full control to grant or deny access to their medical records. This includes access to family members, doctors, nurses or the healthcare facility that they are affiliated with.

The Different Pages/Tools in The eHopital Book

Why People Love Doctaz

Call Notes Hub.

This page is populated with all the notes created during a video call. The Video chat platform has a tool to create notes. These notes are automatically saved on this page for future reference.

Lab Works.

All the lab work pertaining to a patient, uploaded by either a doctor, nurse or patient are displayed on this page. The items on this page are time-stamped and also show the user that added it.


This page contains all the diagnosis from doctors or nurses pertaining to the patient. Just like the tool above, the items here are also time-stamped and show what user upload or added the diagnosis.


Based on the medical info present and symptoms from patients, some doctors and nurses are able to diagnose patient's symptoms and prescribe medication. All that info is displayed on this page.

Progress Notes..

This is usually used during follow ups, whereby the doctor or nurse digitally jots down progress notes on the patient's condition. All that info is displayed on this page.

Saved Recordings.

Doctaz's video consultation tool comes with a video record functionality. All the video consultations that have been recorded by the patient will automatically save and can be viewed on this page.

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