Guardians Dashboard

Guardians could be family members or loved ones looking after a patient. They have a unique account populated with info pertaining to the patient they are looking out for.

The intelligent way to manage a family member's medicals.

The health of your loved one is our greatest priority. As a guardian, you play an active role in making sure your loved one is up to date with medications, health, doctor's and nurse's recommendations. With doctaz, you will be able to help your patient or loved one with scheduling or approving, appointments, alerts and video consultations, as needed, to make sure they get the doctor’s and nurses’ instructions and prescriptions correctly.

Medical record access

By default, patient accounts are configured to allow viewing access of their medical records by their guardian. The patient is also informed about this while in the process of creating a guardian's account. However, we did add a functionality that allows any patient to revoke this access even to guardian accounts associated with that patient.

Top-up credit for patient accounts

Credit is the digital currency used on Doctaz. Patients require to have at least some amount of credits in their digital wallets in order to schedule in-person appoinments, and video call doctors and nurses. We added the option for a guardian to help refill a loved ones digital wallet.

Connect with doctors & nurses via video calls.

With our conference call module on our video chat system, guardians can easily get invite links to join calls. This is especially usefull if they want to be in the loop of all that is happening health-wsie with their loved ones.

The Process

Getting Started As Guardian is As Easy As 1,2,3

Patient Creates An Account

The patient will have to create their account in order to add a guardian.

Patient Creates Guardian's Account

Once the patient's account is created, the patient can then proceed to creating the guardian's account.

Start Monitoring Patient

Once the guardian's account is created, the guardian can always log in and monitor patient's medicals.

Get Started By Joining in as a Nurse.