Patient's Dashboard

Doctaz is redefining the doctor-patient, and nurse-patient relationship to facilitate a significant improvement on accessibility.

The intelligent way to digitally manage your medicals.

Telehealth is a great way to get the health care you need regardless of the time and location. Doctaz has tool that enable medication management, health & selfcare management, and regular checks to improve a patient's recovery rate and general quality of life.

Access control over medical records.

We understand that your health information should always be private and protected. Our privacy policy requires a patient’s manual authorization to access their medical records. Only the patient can give a doctor, a nurse or family member access to thier medical records. Also once access has been granted, patient can revoke this access at any time.

Add users to help monitor your medicals.

We understand that monitoring medicals and appointments can sometimes get a little hectic. Luckily, Doctaz allows patients to add family members or guardians that can help monitor thier schedule and medicals for them. This person added will have their own unique account and can also join in on video calls with doctors or nurses.

Symptom checker to display potential causes.

We have built a sophisticated symptom checker to help analyze patient symptoms and find out potential causes of them. The symptom Checker is the ideal tool to assist patients in preliminary diagnosis. This tool is located in all patient dashboards.

Join a Facility For Ease of Access.

Generally joining a healthcare facility under the platform facilitates ease of access. The patient gets extra perks such as access to the facility's chat system, access to the facility's notification system, access to doctors and nurses in that facility and a lot more.

Medical history bank (eHospital Book)

Once a patient creates an account on Doctaz, that patient automatically has a portal to consistently upload and update the content in their medical records or ehospital book. The ehospital book will serve as the ideal resource for future doctors and nurses to go through before diagnosing the patient.

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