Replacing patient physical visits to a doctor or nurse with virtual care using video consultations provides a solution to this challenge.

Appointments Going Digital

Doctaz Scheduler


One huge challenge in Africa is that there are no effcient tools out there that manage in-person & digital appoinments, with text messasing & email remindals. Most people have to just sort of remember the day and time of their appointment. Our scheduler is equipped with electronic calendars, alerts, and reminders to enable patients, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to manage their medical appointments, schedule calls etc. It enables the patients to fix appointments with doctors and Vice versa.

Schedule a virtual doctor's visit.

Doctaz has a powerful scheduler that help doctors and patients create virtual or in-person appoinments through the platform. The scheduler is built to send out multiple reminders through text and emails for upcoming appoinments, cancelled appoinments and re-scheduled appointments.

Schedule a virtual nurse's visit.

Nurses & patients on Doctaz can also create virtual or in-person appointments through the platform. With the powerful email and text message for reschedules, cancellations and upcoming appoinments, every user on Nurzee stays in the loop.

Schedule in-person visits.

We also created a module for our scheduler to allow doctors, nurses and patients schedule in-person visits.

Alerts through text messages & emails.

As mentioned above, our scheduler is built to send out reminders in the form of text messages and email notifications about upcoming and canceled appointments. It also informs users if an appointment has been rescheduled for another time. Re-scheduled emails will always prompt the recipient to approve, decline or reschedule the new suggested appointment time.

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