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Nurses bridge a serious gap in services between a declining number of primary care providers and a growing patient population that far exceeds the number of doctors available to treat them.

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Nurses’ dashboard helps nurses deliver quality and greater care. The dashboard has tools that provide for real time documentation of patient care and provide an important means of communication amongst healthcare providers.

Saving Lives Through Our Telehealth Solution.

The lack of access to quality healthcare requires extensive travel for patients seeking specialty treatment. Sadly, this problem happens far too often in the most vulnerable populations in Africa. However, using telemedicine to reach patients by video conferencing has quantifiable cost and time saving implications for patients and providers.

Access to Patient's Medical Records

A patient’s medical record is vital in diagnosing and managing all kinds of illnesses. As a nurse, you can access the medical e-book of patients remotely with their consent, to better manage their illnesses and or make judgements based on their records.

Join a Facility For Ease of Access.

When a nurse works under a medical facility, it is easier to access patients’ data and other features like the symptoms checker, facility messaging and a lot more. It also gives the nurse access to more patients, expanding the outreach of the nurse.

Make money consulting patients on Doctaz.

Every consultation through Doctaz earns a nurse cash in real-time. Doctaz works on a per-minute model. This just simply means that nurses earn money in real-time for every minute spent video consulting patients.

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