Call Center Triage

AI-driven software supporting call operators in making accurate, timely, reliable triage recommendations.

Introducing our call center triage

Patient triage tool for call centers

Triage Care manages patients’ concerns via phone calls to determine the urgency of their medical issues, the course of actions and the nature of the responses. A triage nurse talks to a patient by phone and asks detailed questions about the patient’s injury, problems, or symptoms and makes recommendations for level of care, education, and care advice. Triage care will improve patients’ safety and results in cost savings to the patient. This is also very important for patients who do not have smartphones to take advantage of this tool.

Prevent unnecessary hospital visits

Not every condition requires a hospital visit. Our triage solutions allows the traige nurse gather as much info from patients (sometimes guided by our sophisticated symptom checker), and help determine if the symptoms explained requires urgent care or self-care.

No smartphone?
No problem.

Our triage solution solves the issue of no smartphones or extremely poor internet connectivity. With this solution, users can use any mobile device (smart or not smart) and call our triage call centers and still experience the same service over the phone as the would over a smartphone device or computer. After a few questions to authenticate the authencity of the user, content from the diagnosis can be logged into the user/patient's medical record.

How it works

Doctaz Triage Care starts with a simple phone call. Patient calls a triage nurse to get the process started.

1. We collect symptoms

Doctaz Triage Care resembles a medical doctor checkup. After the patient calls and describes their symptoms; the triage nurse takes notes.

2. Ask Questions

The operator starts asking questions. A lot of the questions are guided by our sophisticated AI powered symptom checker.

3. Get Triage Results

The patient then receives accurate and reliable triage information. This is based on several factors from the call.

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