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With this product, replacing patient physical visits to a doctor or nurse with virtual care using video consultations provides a solution to the problem of limited doctors and nurses.

Powering Video Consultations

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The problem of shortages of doctors or nurses across many African countries can be managed with technology. Most African countries do not have enough doctors or nurses to carter for its population. In some African countries, most of the few doctors or nurses that are available, are concentrated in the cities leaving the rural areas without doctors. The sight of a long queue of patients waiting for their names to be called to see a doctor or nurse at a hospital or health center is a familiar spectacle that drives home the message that the shortage of doctors and other health care providers is an issue that warrants urgent attention. Replacing patient physical visits to a doctor or nurse with virtual care using video consultations provides a solution to this challenge.

Video consultations with doctors.

Doctaz provides a fast and reliable platform to allow doctors to virtually consult and check up with their patients through video consultations. Video consultation module comes packed with sophisticated modules which will be outlined below.

Video consultations with nurses.

The video consultation module on Doctaz can also be used by our network of verified nurses to communictate and stay up-to-date with their patients.

video conference calls made easy.

The video consultation platform on Doctaz has a powerful conference call addon built in. This module allows either the patient, doctor or nurse to add multiple users to an active video call session. Users can be invited to an active video call session through email or text message. Users will not be required to download any additional software to be connected to the call.

Notes module to digitally jot down points.

Another exciting module built into the video consultation platform on Doctaz is the notes module. This allows users connected to an active video session to digitally jot down notes from the video call session. After a session ends, all notes created during that session automatically save in the patient's medical records.

Access to medical records through the video call.

Doctaz allows all patients signed-up to build their medical records. Information in a patient's medical record bank is very sensitive and private, however, patients have the option to grant access to their medical records through a video chat session, to any doctor, nurse or guardian. This is to help doctors or nurses easily diagnose patient's pausible causes of symtoms.

Create alerts directly from the video call module.

In the world of healthcare, there usually is a need to follow-up. We built in an alert module that allows doctors, nurses and even patients create alerts/remindals for upcoming checkups, check-ins etc. These alerts/remindals come in the form of emails, text messages and web notifications. This feature is especially very important for doctors and nurses since their schedules are usually very hectic.

Ability to record video sessions

We also built in a way for patients, doctors and nurses to record their video sessions. Any session recorded automatically saves in the patient's medical history bank. This can be used as a resource for future checkups.

Ability for doctors or nurses to request for closeup images.

We built in another powerful module that allows doctors and nurses to virtually request for close-up images. We also made the process for this extremely easy. To better understand how this works, let me explain with an example. Dr. Ewu is video chatting one of his patient's - Susan. Susan has a wound on her ankle that doesn't seem to heal over time. It has been 3 weeks and the wound is still looks very fresh and hurts. In order to investigate further, Dr. Ewu will need to see a close-up image of the wound. So he proceeds to clicking the 'Request For a Close-up Image' button and fills the form out. Susan receives a text message with this request and clicks on the safe and secured unique link associated with the request and takes a close-up image. Once the image is taken, it automatically pops up on Dr. Ewu's screen as a modal pop-up, and also saves in Susan's medical record bank. All this happens in real-time.

Advantages of Our Video call

Why People Love Doctaz

Minimising travel.

At Doctaz, we believe that the use of our video consultation tool can be a great option for patients in areas where travel is difficult, especially in isolated and rural areas.

No geographical barriers.

Doctaz's video conferencing solution is simple to use and readily accessible on a wide variety of devices from anywhere, and at anytime. There are no geographical barriers.

Reducing the spread of infections.

Remote consultations through video calls can eliminate the possible transmission of infectious diseases between patients and medical staff.

Reducing stress.

A remote consultation via video link will not only relieve the pressure of the patient visiting the health practitioner, but also ensures that those with phobias do seek medical help if required.

Encouraging self-care.

The use of video consultations can also be linked to self-monitoring equipment to ensure that patients or service users are using the equipment properly to take their readings

Improve Service Quality.

Among the many advantages of video consulting, allowing doctors & nurses to communicate with their patients much more frequently and more effectively is crucial. That is what our solution provides.

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