Facility's Dashboard

This is the all-in one portal that allows facilities to efficiently and effective manage all their staff (including doctors and nurses), and patients. The facility dashboard is packed with features to improve the processes and procedures for every facility.

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The issue with most healthcare facilities in Africa is the lack of an all-in one web infastructure to conviniently manage certain key aspects of the healthcare facility. With Doctaz we do not only solve that problem, but also make management of the overall facility as easy as 1,2,3.

Doctors. Nurses. Patients. Staff. All in one place.

Facilities can create profiles for all their staff. This way, there is efficient communication, accountability and management of staff accross the board.

Facility Messaging Made Simple.

Facilities are equipped with messaging systems such as the facility messaging module, and the facility notification module. The messaging module allows doctors, nurses and patients under that facility to communicate with each other in realtime through inbox messaging. The notification module on the other hand allows facility admins to send out web, text messages or email notifications to either all users (doctors, nurses and patients) or specific users (i.e. doctors, nurses or patients) under that facility.

One Synchronized Calendar For All Appointments.

Every doctor or nurse working under a facility will have their appoinments on the facility's global calendar. This is for the facility admins to keep track.

Symptom Checker

One of the many perks of signing up your facility on Doctaz is that you automatically get tools that other dashboards don't have. One of this tools is our symptom checker. Our Symptom Checker is the ideal tool to assist patients in preliminary diagnosis. This tool is primarily in every patient dashboard, however, signing up your facility automatically adds this tool to every doctor's and nurse's dashboard that you sign up through your facility.

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We are the digital extension for your facility.

The Doctaz software is packed with sophisticated features to completely replicate your facility and represent it online. Some of the Advantages of signing up your healthcare facility includes:

  • Ability to Organize all your doctors, nurses & patients in one place.
  • Access to a Synchronized Caledar that shows all appointments with all doctors & nurses.
  • Better Facility Management.
  • Streamlined internal communication - from doctor, patient, nurse inbox messaging to publishing announcements to facility members.
  • Access a medical history bank of all patients under facility.
  • Symptom Checker tool added to all doctors and nurses affiliated with your facility.
  • Announcement tool to push out announcements to all users under the facility or just specific users (ex. doctors).

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  • Streamlined Management
  • Facility Chat
  • Announcement Tool
  • Synchronized Calendars
  • Multiple Staff Accounts
  • Symptom Checker
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Frequently Asked Question

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, absolutely. All you need to do in order to cancel your subscription is to navigate to the My Subscription page and locate the cancel button.

What happens to all users when a subscription is cancelled?

When that happens, all your doctors, nurses and patients will become independent on the platform. They will lose all the perks of being under a facility.

Are patient files protected?

Yes. All patients files are heavily encrpyted for maximum security. We have a whole team of cyber security analysts and developers to consistently improve the security of Doctaz.

Can we add and remove users?

Yes, absolutely. Facility admins can add, remove and suspend users. Users here include doctors, nurses, patients and facility staff members.

Can staff members be added and can they be assigned levels of permission?

Yes, a facility admin can add as many staff members as necessary, and also configure the access permissions to certain files and menu items.

Can a user be transfered from and to a Facility?

Yes, all this can be handled from the user's dashboard. Users transferring in will need to be approved by the Facility's admin.

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